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Festival "Al Sole della Sardegna"

The FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE CORALE VERONA GARDA ESTATE takes place in various small villages at the shores of Lake Garda and in the provinces of Verona, Brescia, Mantua and Vicenza, which are places with a rich history, culture and beautiful landscapes.

The festival does not have a competitive character, but rather the purpose to foster a successful and mutually enriching rapprochement of different music cultures from countries all over the world. The variety of the places venues and the particular focus on culture towns (the program includes concerts in churches, squares, theatres and antique villas) and the vast repertory presented by the choirs draws great interest and acclaim from the audience and constitutes a fine moment of artistic and cultural encounter.

Founded in 2007 the festival has immediately received great approval with numerous choirs from all continents.

The festival is realized annually in June and July in cooperation with the municipalities at Lake Garda and the provinces of Verona, Brescia, Mantua and Vicenza.

Latest news
Great Success 2016 Edition of the Festival!
With 45 concerts and 32 participating choirs from all over the world (this year there were choirs from the US, Canada, Australia, China and Siberia and of course many more from European countries like France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain, Switzerland, Estonia, Belgium and Italy) the Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate underscores the great international attention it has gained. A warm thanks to all participants for the high artistic level of your concerts! And now on with the organization of the Edition of 2017!
2016 Edition welcomes the excellence of international choirs.
The choirs joining the 2016 Edition of Festival Corale Internazionale Verona Garda Estate are known for their remarkable artistic value. In particular, five excellent youth choirs worthy of mention come from as many corners of the world: Australia, USA, China, Siberia and Middle East. May all the joining choirs receive the most heartfelt thanks for accepting our invitation!
2015/10/13 Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate: application open for the first and the second session!!
Dear friends, due to a system error the first two sessions of the festival seemed closed. Choirs, who want to register for these two sessions, could still do it! We apologize the mistake and are looking forward your registration! The head office
April 2014
Here we are: now also the concert schedule for all 4 festival weeks is online. With a click on “full schedule” (field on the right side) you can see who will sing where with whom and when. We are already waiting to hear you!

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