Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate

The Festival


 The FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE CORALE VERONA GARDA ESTATE takes place between the end of June and in July and it is divided into three sessions.

Each session is attended by 8 – 10 choirs and, in registering, it is up to the choirs which session they will join. All together there will be up to 30 choirs participating in the festival coming from all over the world.

Each participating choir will perform 4 concerts or alternatively participate in a Mass, one performance every day, each in a different town or village. The concerts will be held in churches or theatres or squares suitable for choral concerts in various cultural towns.

At each concert normally two or three choirs will perform.

Each choir will perform an a cappella program of 20 - 30 minutes. The program is of its own choice and can be either religious or secular. The duration of the program depends on how many choirs are present. In the Mass normally 2 choirs will perform.

At the end of each concert or Mass all the choirs will perform two songs together. A score of 2 simple compositions will be sent to each choir well in advance.


EXTENSION of your stay in Italy before or/and after the festival

Each year many choirs ask to extend their stay in Italy to visit the wonderful region.

Choirs could give a short concert or sing during the Mass in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice (4 sacral songs).

Coordinating every aspects of this additional time in Italy with the travel agency GENTES VIAGGI (www.gentesviaggi.it) it is possible to:

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2007  Beginning of Verona Garda Estate Choir Festival: the first edition includes 7 choirs. From the beginning we can breathe his internationality: 4 Italian choirs, 2 Californian choirs and 1 Canadian choir. We immediately start the collaboration with St. Mark’s Cathedral.

2008  The festival is more and more international with the participation of 9 choirs: 3 Italian choirs, 4 European choirs 1 choir from Israeli and 1 choir of the States.

2009  With 21 participating choirs, the Festival starts the collaboration with the municipalities of the provinces of Mantua and Brescia as well as those of Verona and Vicenza. The Festival also looks for more and more typical places for concerts and lasts over 3 weeks.

2010  25  choirs from all over Europe, but also from Canada and America are participating at the festival. The Festival lasts 4 weeks.

2011  The Festival has 33 participating choirs and it takes place during all the month of July in four sessions.

2012  The Festival becomes more and more international and it has choirs from Brazil, Lithuania, Lebanon and Israel.

2013  There are participating 36 choirs from all over the world (for the first time also from South-Africa) for a total number of 68 concerts.

2014  The 33 participating choirs are coming from all over Europe and the States.

2015  For the first time  there are participating choirs from Estonia and China of totally 27 choirs.

2016 The Festival extends still more with choirs from China, Australia, Lebanon and Russia, which perform with the other  27 choirs more than 50 concerts.

It doesn’t take many numbers to put the Festival among the most valued and appreciated festivals in Italy and in Europe.

The key factors of this fast success are the rich proposal of concerts, the certainty to meet qualified choirs with whom you can sing every evening and the extraordinary cultural experience with sightseeing of the most beautiful cities of art in North of Italy. The last factor but not the least is to share almost all social moments together with the other choirs, creating friendship occasions, collaborations and concert exchange.



Australia (1)

Austria (3)

Italy (65)

Brazil (1)

Belgium (22)

Lithuania (1)

Canada (6)

Denmark (6)

Norway (6)

USA (9)

Finland (29)

Portugal (3)

Estonia (2)

France (44)

United Kingdom (7)

China (2)

Germany (11)

Spain (18)

Israel (2)

Greece (2)

Sweden (4)

Lebanon (2)

Ireland (2)

Switzerland (14)

Cyprus (5)

Iceland (3)

Bulgaria (1)

South Africa (1) 


Hungary (1) 





7 choirs


9 choirs


21 choirs


25 choirs


33 choirs


31 choirs


36 choirs


49 choirs


42 choirs


31 choirs


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