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CORONAVIRUS: FESTIVAL 2020 POSTPONED TO 2021. It is with regret that we are forced to communicate to the registered choirs and to all the choral singer following us, that the festival, due to the epidemic, is postponed to 2021. We hoped until the end that the "miracle" could happen but unfortunately, even in the absence of an official position taken by the Italian Authorities regarding choral concerts, we must recognize that it has become objectively impossible to keep up our concerts. All choirs will be contacted soon by us. Here is the scheduled calendar for the 2021 edition: First session: 24 - 27 June Second session: 1 - 4 July Third session: 8 -1 2 July Confident that this difficult moment will soon end and that we can soon return to normal conditions that also allow the resumption of our choral activity, we send you all the best and hope to see you at 2021 edition! Alberto Rinaldi
Festival 2019: emotions and joy!
It could not have been a greater satisfaction for the organizing committee: this 2019 edition of the festival has been a celebration of meeting, friendship and choral singing! It can also be called an edition of the antipodes since choirs from the extreme regions of the world have taken part in it like Siberia, Iceland and South Africa. Together with choirs coming from all over Europe, they have given life to a great Choral Celebration through forty concerts greatly appreciated by the audience. The concerns of the organizers have turned into a sigh of relief the moment all the leaving choirs expressed their satisfaction for participating at the Festival and getting the chance to meet, sing and sharing with other 31 choirs. Now, full of enthusiasm for this success, we are ready for 2020’s new edition!
2018 Edition has been a great success!
The last edition of Festival Verona Garda Estate has just met its conclusion but not the echo of the great success of all the participating choirs! The thirty concerts, much appreciated by the spectators and held in churches, squares and open places suitable for choral singing, offered as a usual unmistakeable feature of the festival the opportunity for all the choirs to meet each other, sing together and confront, acquire a greater understanding of their own qualities and possibly interact and plan future meetings and collaborations between choirs of different nationalities. The same is true for the younger sibling of Festival del Garda, Festival in Sardegna: in Sardinia as well 5 concerts in as many beautiful places (Cave of Domusnovas, Chatedral of Tratalias, Basilica of San Antioco, Church of Calasetta and Church of San Pietro Island) met the participation of many Sardinian choirs with the Swiss and Spanish choirs followed by an enthusiastic public of locals and tourists. And now it’s time to start again, full of enthusiasm, towards the new editions of both Festivals, promising more exciting surprises. Hooray for Choral Singing
2018 edition
This year’s edition as well is promising to be interesting given the variety of participating choirs . The Festival, while giving the warmest welcome to all the present choirs, also wishes to greet with the most sincere friendship some choirs that have previously : Jackson Christian Concert Choir (USA), Choral Union of Limerick (IRL), Espace 14 (F), Gents Universitair Koor (B), Ensemble Vocal du Var Gardea Cantat (F) Their presence is our satisfaction and joy!
2017 Edition
With 29 choirs from all over the world, the Festival has celebrated its first 10 years in the best way possible. Numbers speak for themselves: over 450 choirs and thousands of choristers from all continents have happily invaded our cities of North Italy and Sardinia, and with over 600 concerts they have shown their vast and interesting repertoire, expression of so many different cultures The meetings between choirs have always been held in friendship in order to encourage collaborations and projects for the future.
Great Success 2016 Edition of the Festival!
With 45 concerts and 32 participating choirs from all over the world (this year there were choirs from the US, Canada, Australia, China and Siberia and of course many more from European countries like France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain, Switzerland, Estonia, Belgium and Italy) the Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate underscores the great international attention it has gained. A warm thanks to all participants for the high artistic level of your concerts! And now on with the organization of the Edition of 2017!
2016 Edition welcomes the excellence of international choirs.
The choirs joining the 2016 Edition of Festival Corale Internazionale Verona Garda Estate are known for their remarkable artistic value. In particular, five excellent youth choirs worthy of mention come from as many corners of the world: Australia, USA, China, Siberia and Middle East. May all the joining choirs receive the most heartfelt thanks for accepting our invitation!
2015/10/13 Festival Internazionale Corale Verona Garda Estate: application open for the first and the second session!!
Dear friends, due to a system error the first two sessions of the festival seemed closed. Choirs, who want to register for these two sessions, could still do it! We apologize the mistake and are looking forward your registration! The head office
April 2014
Here we are: now also the concert schedule for all 4 festival weeks is online. With a click on “full schedule” (field on the right side) you can see who will sing where with whom and when. We are already waiting to hear you!
march 2014
We are ready: with one click on "edition" you can see all participant choirs of the Festival 2014, arriving from many European countries as well as America. Soon we will publish also the calendar of concerts. You are welcome!
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